Mouse, Moose, or Bigfoot? How Does My Digital Footprint Fare?


My “digital footprint” is a relatively new consideration for me. I had never maintained much of a digital presence before this class, but now more than ever I realize that unlike the above picture which signifies impermanence, our digital footprint is permanent. If you put stuff out there, prepare for it to be out there forever.

In the course of this class I did decide to go back and look through the pictures that were on my Facebook account, and sure enough there were a few of those images…. you know the ones from that wedding with the open bar, or that time at the music festival (hypothetically of course;) but there they are, the images that are no longer a good reflection of who you are, or the current stage of your life. I want my social media to represent who I am, and I am aware that some images do a poor job of that.

I am pleased with my new PLN, or personal learning network, I think it really does a good job of capturing who I am and what I am working for, while also serving to highlight my values and interests. I am proud of the effort I put into my work, and so sharing it would not concern me. I would be happy to discuss the things that are posted on my Twitter account. I do however believe it is important to maintain boundaries, I would keep my Facebook as my social platform and not my professional platform.

Whenever we are talking about digital footprints it is necessary too to talk of judgement and fairness. The old adage prevails and you cannot judge a book solely by its cover, it is necessary to dig deeper. We have all done questionable things, we have all acted with poor judgement, but maybe we were lucky and it wasn’t documented. Consider my previous post on the fiction of the internet, well sometimes social media does not do a person justice, and yes they are responsible for that, but we as a digital society need to dig deeper, and not jump to conclusions.

I would like to continue building my PLN and growing and learning as an educator using social media, specifically Twitter. I think it could be a valuable way to trade ideas, and circulate the quality information. I will continue to be cognizant about what I post, and why I am posting content. I will work continue to make sure my digital presence is a good reflection of me, and what I want to achieve.

Thank you for reading!




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