Info-graphic? Appsolutely!

This week in our education technology class, we learned all about apps, from their very beginning to now. Want to make your cartoon, poster, animated storybook, info-graphic, or just about anything else? Well you’re in luck, there is an app for that!

I have never made an info-graphic before, or really used any app other than Duolingo (which is great), but an info-graphic seemed like the most desirable alternative this week. The subject of my info-graphic is of course my favourite subject, the environment. I thought it was especially appropriate as this “poster” could potentially be shared without ever having to put ink to paper, which would be a great step to helping out the planet (as per the info-graphic message). I chose as my application as it was on a list of available apps to create, as opposed to consume.

When I think of technology in a classroom I often feel it can contribute to a loss of creativity and problem solving. However, now more than ever I feel that if we apply technology in purposeful ways we can offer students rich learning experiences. A key to that experience is to choose apps whose purpose is to allow for a creative thought to be realized. With I was able to manipulate almost aspect of design, and there were numerous options available to me on the free version.


Overall I enjoyed myself making the infographic, though there were certainly some frustrations, for instance, not realizing there was an “undo” button until two hours in. Yes the infographic took a long time, but I likely overthought it, and wanted to try out all the tools. I bet next time I could do it in 1hr 45 🙂 The templates are all appealing and there are a lot of options to work with for adding in content. Though there is many templates it is still quite possible to create a unique end product.

I would specifically use this app to have students create posters to demonstrate their learning in their own unique way. I would really like to see what students came up with if asked to create something, using a small selection of apps, that really communicated their desired outcome. I think this particular application would work really well as a group project as well as each student could contribute in some way. Positions could be created for example: researcher, tech wizard, design consultant and more. would also provide a great opportunity to share work among classrooms and further afield.

Overall I recommend giving some “app smashing” a try, I am not convinced I would try to make an info-graphic again too soon, but I will certainly make efforts to find purposeful, creative ways to incorporate these tools into my future classroom.


If you have any experience with creative apps that would work well in lessons please leave a comment below, or better yet leave me an info-graphic! Thanks for reading!



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