Quick and Quacky with QR’s and Goosechase!

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?! Scavenger hunts, or goose-chases serve as great team-building exercises. Often there is no physical prize associated with a goose-chase, yet people are still incredibly motivated. I know the Ed Tech students were motivated as you could see groups of them rushing around the college looking for anything to help them on their way. Our group used a Padlet version, while our peers used Goosechase.

Using the padlet was a positive experience overall, though we did experience a few pitfalls. We were not able to upload our group photo as quickly as the students using Goosechase, and we were not able to add video-clips as they were, but overall it was very easy to use, and fun! I think Goosechase offered a little more excitement as the students using the Goosechase app had the ability of moving quicker and building the excitement.

I found a blog called “cell phones in learning” and it listed a number of fun activities but my favourite by far is the ability to use Goosechase [or Padlet] to photograph flora or fauna, without having to disturb it. What a great way to teach observation without disturbance. I would be keen to use this in future classrooms. I would also like to see either Padlet or Goosechase scavenger hunts  used in a school to get staff excited about new ways of teaching or interacting with students. They could be on the “hunt” for ideas they would like to apply in their school, or classroom and compile it. I think this would build morale around a school, and maybe extend into the broader educational community.

Both apps would be great to combine with QR codes as you could put instructions on the QR codes and the students could capture snapshots or videos of the students doing the instructed activity.

Scavenger hunts with physical items or QR codes are a great way to get students or staff motivated to investigate and try new ideas on for size!



Comment below if you have had a great experience with or a great idea using Padlet, Goosechase, or a QR code activity, and us this QR code to check out my Twitter.




One comment

  1. Hello Willow,
    Loved hearing your feedback from the different tools that we used in class this week! I never got to experience the side of Padlet for our scavenger hunt but it was cool hearing about your experience with it, and yes I agree everyone in our class was on a mission haha! I also liked how you mentioned that blog, and I took a look at it and I thought that it was very cool to read how there were different kinds of activities!
    Thank you for sharing Willow 🙂


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