Connecting in a Community Through Blogs

797ff87e-7e64-41b4-b43f-cdcadd7431b1Being a teacher is about being a member of a community. A teacher is a member of the school community, the municipal community and beyond. The teaching community drives education and all that entails. I have enjoyed reading a selection of blogs and would like to share some of my favourites with you.

One of my favourites is a blog called “Lessons From the Middle”. Honestly the hook for me on this blog was that the Author Krystal Mills included a quote from Julia Child, and I am a sucker for anything Julia Child! I was happily hooked however when I took in the wealth of information that this blog has to offer. There is a general thoughtfulness throughout this blog and it comes in the form of questions like “why now?” and “what can I do?”. The blog also has a good tab dedicated to linking readers to the bigger blogging community. I also really enjoyed how she integrated the new technology she is using in her class into her blog. She showed success stories of technology in her classroom. She includes her experiences with new apps and also has guest bloggers. I will likely revisit this blog from time to time to stay up-to-date on new teaching methods and applications.

Next up I found a blog dedicated to my favourite subject, play! In the blog, “Just Let Me Play: Welcome to Our Play-based & Reggio Inspired Kindergarten Classroom” I was able to easily navigate to the blog posts and enjoyed seeing the beautiful photos exhibiting the value of play. The blog includes an area of “book selections” which was odd as it was just pictures of book covers with no accompanying words or direction of how to implement the book effectively so that was a drawback, however when I continued to the “Inquiry/Resources” I found a small number of resources including an area of technology when applied in a classroom which included two links that could be helpful for teaching in early childhood. The true gems in this blog are the pictures, they are absolutely lovely and a great way to inspire learning through play and interaction. Another great perk of this blog is the blog posts listed on the bottom, though they don’t have tags they are dated by month and in a school that is organized well by theme and reflect that organization really well.


Lastly I would like highlight a blog called “Ignite. Incite. Inspire. A Blog About Teaching From Within”. I chose this blog originally because of the name but the author Neil Finney had me from the start. His article “An Open Stance to Learning” was so appropriate for the times, he articulated so simply, but so well, the need to be a guide not an authority on a subject; to facilitate learning not to dictate it. Following that post are a number of other really inspiring blog posts (thus the name). The blog is nicely organized, although I find the graphics uninspiring. The resource tab is even nicely organized with headings like “powerpoint sources” and “print resources”. Of all the blogs this one was the most thought provoking for me and the most straightforward. I thought it was very well researched and will certainly visit it again.




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  1. Hi Willow,

    I love hearing about children learning through just play. I believe that children learn so much through unstructured play, they don’t need information slammed down their throats. In Sweden I know they employ the model of shorter days with lots of play and it works out extremely well. I believe they have one of the best education systems in the world. Do you believe children in Canada get enough play?

    Awesome Job,

    Mark Elson


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